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If you take only one medication, use the uCap smart pill bottle to take your pills.

If you take multiple medications at different times, use multiple uCaps.

The uCap is currently helping people take their thyroid medication, PrEP, statins, daily vitamins, and more.  

If you take multiple medications at the same time, use the uSev weekly pillbox.

This works if you take them multiple times a day (e.g. AM/PM or morning/afternoon/night).


The uSev is currently helping people manage their diabetes and hypertension medications.

If you are concerned about you or someone else inappropriately accessing your pills, use the uBox.


Your pills remain locked until the right time, to help prevent misuse of medications.

The uBox is currently helping people regulate their use of opioids, anti-anxiety, and ADHD medications.

All of the my-pills devices remind you to take your medication using lights and audio reminders. 

They warn you against double dosing, and even remind you when it's time to refill.  

Just program your medication regimens using the my-pills app.

You can use multiple my-pills devices at the same time with your my-pills app.

For example, you could use a uCap for your as-needed gout medication, and a uSev for your scheduled blood pressure and cholesterol medications.   

If you are caring for someone who doesn't use a smartphone, and need timely notifications about when they miss or take their pills, use a uBridge.  The uBridge will sync their my-pills pillboxes over WIFI.

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